Emil Mcmahon: With over 45 years industry knowledge my aim is to help hairdressers understand retail, customer service, communication and all aspects of daily salon life.


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Drawing on personal experiences, salon business and the challenges sales people face in their daily life,
I’ve created a story that can be used in salons and on sales calls that will help overcome the challenges faced in the world of retailing.

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Mr Haircare - The Blog


16th May 2024

For the past few months, reviewers for this blog have been using Uberliss Bond System, Bond Sustainer 2 in 1 (bond…

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A statement of intent

8th May 2024

Here’s a fact! You are in control of your own destiny, for your  future, the future of your salons and the future of your teams.

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23rd April 2024

Colours –  anyone who knows anything about the world of hair colour and pigments knows that there are 3 primary shades, Red, Yellow and Blue,…

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