A well respected consultant, educator, trainer and social media manager, with experience working alongside hairdressers and product companies. After 40+ years in the hairdressing industry, the writing of Don't Sell, a book for hairdressers and sales people was a natural progression

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Drawing on personal experiences, salon business and the challenges sales people face in their daily life,
I’ve created a story that can be used in salons and on sales calls that will help overcome the challenges faced in the world of retailing.

Start Telling

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STMNT Grooming Goods

23rd November 2020

REWRITING THE STANDARDS OF GROOMING Fueled by the knowledge and artistry from leading barbers, STMNT is a unique brand that goes beyond the product, this…

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The Messy Middle

22nd November 2020

The Messy Middle, this is a fascinating article from Think With Google, of which, by now, you will know that I am a big fan…

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11th November 2020

WOW, when I opened up the box of goodies from AJC93 I was blown away by the fantastic collection of Joico products. The…

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