K18 peptide prep

15th August 2022

I was recently invited to an afternoon with K18 here in Edinburgh. Warehouse 5 had brought two (global) experts responsible for K18 education to The…

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OSMO Wonder 10 collection

10th August 2022

UK brand Osmo recently sent three Wonder 10 products for this sight to review. The reviewers were clambering after them, because products we have…

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Be3 progressive spray

3rd August 2022

Here’s the thing, I don’t tan easily, and I don’t really enjoy being in the sun with sun tan lotion dripping off my skin…

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Davines do it again!

11th July 2022

Regular readers will know I am a fan of Davines. The product is fabulous and the ethos behind the brand and its philosophies are all…

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An industry in crisis?

28th June 2022

NOTE: The article below is my own thoughts and is not meant to offend in any way! The header of this post could relate…

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