Eleven Australia (Part 1)

21st September 2021

If you have read any of the product based blogposts on this website, you will already know that I am fan of lots of different…

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Christmas 2021

6th September 2021

It’s less than 14 weeks till Christmas Day 2021, and it’s time to start thinking about what you are doing to encourage your clients to…

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Social media here and now

10th August 2021

I remember having a ‘friends reunited’ account and thinking myself so tech savvy, and then I created a ‘my space’ page and  believed I had…

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Donna Summer

5th August 2021

I remember hearing ‘love to love you baby’ in a very cool record store in my home town of Middlesbrough. Alan Fearnley’s was the…

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The future of retail

27th July 2021

Time to jump on the ‘retail bandwagon’ Having read numerous articles about the shift in retail and it’s impact on businesses, I thought it was…

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