7th September 2023

Regular readers of this blog will know that the review panel are big fans of Osmo haircare. This UK brand has launched some innovative…

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Barbers Against Prostate Cancer

6th September 2023

Mark Rayment, well known throughout the UK’s barbering and hairdressing world, and a key member of VTCT has launched an initiative: ‘…

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Where’s your head at??

2nd August 2023

As a business owner, life at the moment can only be described as tough. The multiple challenges you face on a daily basis are enough…

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Bricks & Clicks

24th July 2023

In today’s ever evolving retail landscape there are two major must haves if you are serious about capturing sales from existing and potentially new clients.

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29th June 2023

Retail – it’s going through another seismic change. the landscape has altered and if hairdressers & barbers don’t react they might well lose out even…

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