Grtfl: Feel Good Tipping

31st January 2023

I have recently been introduced to a new concept that salons can tap into for clients to tip and give feedback…

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17th January 2023

Humans, we are nothing short of fascinating. But how much do we really know and understand about different age groups? Generations…. ‘The silent generation, baby…

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Touch Of Romance

9th January 2023

‘Touch of Romance’ from Balmain Hair UK: The latest collection launched to tie in with both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It’s a…

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Taoh Haircare

5th January 2023

TAOH (The Art Of Hair) is a brand that this blog is familiar with. We are also familiar with the hairdressing legends that created the…

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Thank You

20th December 2022

It’s almost Christmas 2022, where has this year gone? I say it more and more frequently as I get older, but it really does…

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