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20th April 2023

– Don’t Sell Volume 2: –
“The first time I experienced Emil Mcmahon talk on stage, I was totally won over by his style, the dynamism, and the message he conveyed. Even though I have now attended three of his talks, I always find them just so inspirational and so motivating. One can’t help but get drawn into his world. I even invited him to give a talk to local salon owners and staff here in Malta. Therefore, it was with great pleasure that I found that the essential contents of these talks were compiled in a book Emil had written; namely ‘Don’t Sell’.
I have recently read the new Don’t Sell Volume 2. this goes further. Now that the world has changed so much, (post pandemic) we need to adapt to new rules of engagement with our clients. Salons are competing with online sales and dealing with decreased spending and less frequent visits.
Even though I called it a book, for me it is rather a collection of sound advice written in snippets, but addressing real life changing advice to salon owners (here I include nails and beauty) that can really improve their work ethics and the client’s salon experience, not forgetting increased income and happier staff and clientele.
So many good hints are compressed into the two books that they are essential reading for those in the hairdressing and beauty profession who want to make a success of their career.
I come from a marketing background of over 40 years and yet Emil still had so much to teach me.

Drawing on personal experiences, salon business and the challenges sales people face in their daily life,
I’ve created a story that can be used in salons and on sales calls that will help overcome the challenges faced in the world of retailing.

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