For the past few months, reviewers for this blog have been using Uberliss Bond System, Bond Sustainer 2 in 1 (bond and colour), Bond Healing Spray and Frizz Elixir. We are all, well most of us, familiar with the concept of bond…

16th May 2024

For the past few months, reviewers for this blog have been using Uberliss Bond System, Bond Sustainer 2 in 1 (bond and colour), Bond Healing Spray and Frizz Elixir.

We are all, well most of us, familiar with the concept of bond building products now and have probably used some in salons and at home. Uberliss takes the technology one step further with its innovative product portfolio.

Reviewers have been sharing their feedback about the portfolio and here’s what they have to say:

“Shine Shine Shine, wow, not only does Uberliss Bond Builder restores hair to almost virgin hair quality, but the shine the products deliver is like no shine I have ever seen before, just amazing”.

“I have used a lot of bond builders over the last few years, all of them deliver brilliant results, but Uberliss is actually the first one I have used where clients gush about the finished result. One of my clients went so far as to say, ‘it’s not possible that my hair feels like it feels today, I haven’t had hair like this since I was a teenager”.

“Uberliss is just an incredible product, after use of the bond builder client’s hair feels like new and the effect lasts for ages. I’m delighted with this new addition to my salon services, plus, it’s very affordable which makes recommending it much easier than some other bonding products”.

“Cynical me said ‘oh here we go, another bond building product’ – apologies, Uberliss Bond Builder is immense, it far exceeded my expectations and will be something I recommend to lots of my clients”.

“Bond Sustainer 2 in 1 colour products have proven to be very successful in our salon. We have clients who like to experiment with different fashion colours, and we have found that the Uberliss versus our normal range is much more vibrant, long lasting and makes the hair feel great”.

“These little bottles of colour with bond builder pack a punch, hair looks and feels strong and healthy after using them. Are they going to be our biggest seller? No, but I’m delighted that we now have colours that deliver temporary vibrancy whilst improving the hair structure”.

“When I first received the Uberliss Bond Sustainer colours I put them in the dispensary alongside other products I was a little unsure of using, but I had a client who wanted rainbow hair, so I used a blend of them through her hair and they looked great. What was interesting was when she came back to have the colours done again, the fade had been minimal and was very true to tone”.

“Bond Healing Spray has become my go to product for almost every client, a spritz over the hair prior to cutting, another before I blow dry and my clients hair looks and feels awesome, strong, bouncy, healthy, and very shiny. Clients love it, so do I”.

“Out of all the products I have used so far from Uberliss, and I still have a few to try, I’m seriously enjoying Healing Spray, it works on all hair types and improves damaged hair drastically making it look and feel like new”.

“Healing Spray from Uberliss is one of the best ‘instant’ fixes I now use, it doesn’t matter if the hair is healthy or not, this micro fine spray makes every head of hair feel incredible. What a wonderful product to use in the salon and to recommend for clients at home”.

“Frizz Elixir, where have you been all of my hairdressing life? What a fab product, not only does it smooth and add shine, but it also eliminated frizz and flyaway’s instantly. It’s easy to use and the effects are excellent”.

“Uberliss is a great all rounder product range that the team are really enjoying. Standout has to be Frizz Elixir; the way it smooths unruly hair and the shine and body it gives are really impressive. We really like this range and will be looking at stocking it in the near future”.

“Thank you for letting me review Uberliss Frizz Elixir. My hair fits the bill perfectly, it goes frizzy if I even just look at it, and Uberliss has controlled it and tames it. Now, I blow dry and I get a couple of days of my frizz prone hair looking really smooth. But the best bit, when it needs tidying up, I just apply a small amount of Healing Spray and it refreshes it perfectly”.

Note from Emil: Unfortunately due to a virus on my MacBook that corrupted some files, lost of the information from the above reviews has been lost, salon and reviewers details and the images. Once the files are restored this blog will get an update.

For more details about Uberliss click here: AVLON

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