It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Part 1

Deck the halls, ring out those bells, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. As we nudge ever closer to being fully immersed in a Christmas like no other Christmas we have known before, it’s good to see product houses being exceptionally creative and colourful, stylish and sophisticated…

13th October 2020

Deck the halls, ring out those bells, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

As we nudge ever closer to being fully immersed in a Christmas like no other Christmas we have known before, it’s good to see product houses being exceptionally creative and colourful, stylish and sophisticated with their festive offerings.

It’s becoming something of a tradition for me to write up about what’s available and what is looking good this coming season, so here’s the first blog post …. and believe me there will be more to follow!

Let’s start with Davines!

As regular readers know, I’m a fan of Davines full stop!! One of the things that has always appealed to me has been the quirky marketing materials and imagery that they produce. This coming seasons Christmas gift sets are no exception to that!

Colourful, curious, collectable and ultra cute. The cartoon embellished boxes are whimsical and childlike, but inside there’s an array of full size goodies with miniature freebies included as well.

Always hugely popular, I think that this year Davines have created boxes that add some much needed humour into a world that has been too dark for too long. Sure to prove popular with clients shopping for gifts, I’d say, get stocking (filling) now!

For more details, click here: Davines


Another brand I’m a fan of, that also embraces colour and fun in their packaging and marketing is Eleven Australia

This year, the festive range of limited-edition HOLIDAY 2020 gifts come in a 100% recycled cardboard box, exquisitely wrapped in a colourful selection of uplifting, bold and unique designs created in collaboration with Australian artist, Melanie Macilwain.

Melanie designed five covetable limited-edition HOLIDAY Trios, here’s what she has to say:

“We’re so fortunate in Australia as we have really beautiful summers! We’re probably one of the luckiest countries as everyone wants to be here, in their bathers, in the hot weather. Eating and drinking outside and just being together (I mean, COVID has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works) but as a holiday collaboration, that really sparked the idea to keep it fresh, light and colourful”.


I love how these boxes are festive in a totally un-festive way, they are modern and contemporary in their design but totally embrace the festive vibe for 2020, that is being big, bold and beautiful!


A brand that I have long admired for its product performance is Joico, and this year they have seriously upped the anti on the style element of their festive packaging:

I’m very much liking the more traditional feel of this packaging and can see it being used creatively in salons to dress their windows and make a fabulous festive display. The outer box is very subtle and stylish, which is appealing; but mixed together with the vibrancy of the product packaging and it’s taken to a new level.

Of course, product performance is of utmost importance and that’s one thing all of the brands mentioned here have in abundance!

And for those of you who may not be that familiar with Joico, well if it’s good enough for the Marc Antoni group, it’s got to be good enough for you

For more details about Joico click here: AJC93

Also from the team at AJC, a brand new venture:  Christmas with Corinne Hair Accessories 


If you are looking for stocking fillers with a difference, then these wonderful hair accessories are perfect. A Christmas collection in traditional berry red tones, gold, silver, and of course, glitter!

Surprisingly affordable, because they look so expensive, check out the full range and make sure your salon stocks them. Impulse purchases, especially at this time of  the year are a must stock for hairdressers.

And don’t forget, this year, unlike any other, we are all looking to push the boat out a little and treat our family and friends, and ourselves to a little bit of extra luxury this festive season.

Anything that salons can do to maximise their Christmas gift offering has got to be worthwhile doing.

And Corrine barettes, bows, tied and pins are perfect for that add on gift of luxury.

And last but not least, in this, the first Christmas blog, here’s some of the offerings available from Osmo:

For almost 20 years Osmo has been innovating and delivering great products, all developed here in the UK. With a cool vibe that definitely appeals to younger clients, this years festive sets have bold imagery showcasing the products and what they can achieve.

OSMO Deep Moisture Gift Pack – £10.99+VAT – available from  

Dreaming of luxurious locks? Indulge your hair fantasies with this deeply hydrating gift set and banish those damaged hair blues. Formulated with Pataua Oil and Keratin Complex to help care for and repair the hair without weighing it down with silky, smooth, manageable results. Contents: 1 x Deep Moisture Shampoo (400ml), 1 x Dual Action Miracle Repair (250ml), 1 x Intensive Deep Repair Mask (250ml).

OSMO Grooming Gift Pack – £11.99+VAT– available from

The ultimate styling experience for all style conscious gents in search of effortlessly cool originality, textured control and look definition. Contents: Grooming Tonic (300ml), Clay Wax (100ml) and Shave Spray (250ml).




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