WOW, when I opened up the box of goodies from AJC93 I was blown away by the fantastic collection of Joico products. The brand has been going through a facelift of late and it looks FANTASTIC. Previous posts about Joico products have always generated lots of interest…

11th November 2020

WOW, when I opened up the box of goodies from AJC93 I was blown away by the fantastic collection of Joico products. The brand has been going through a facelift of late and it looks FANTASTIC.

Previous posts about Joico products have always generated lots of interest and the review panel are always eager to get their hands on this iconic brand.

Linda was given three intense treatment products, Defy Damage Bond Protecting Spray, Defy Damage Protective Shield and K-Pak Hydrator to review:

“Bond Protecting Spray is a great product, I have been using it on my clients hair since Emil gave it to me and I’m very happy with the results. The product gives colour services a real boost of effectiveness. It’s so simple to apply and the formulation doesn’t make the hair feel too wet to colour on. I have noticed great result with colours that tend towards being faded as you rinse them away, rich coppers, reds and violet tones especially. Clients have commented on the difference that they have noticed as well.

‘Protective Shield is another great product, easy to use and a very effective addition to looking after clients hair. The feel after applying Shield is lovely, silky soft and smooth, and it really protects against heat. Once again my client’s have been commenting on how good the product makes their hair look and feel. I have noticed significant reduction in colour fade from all my clients I used this, and Bond Protecting Spray on.

‘K-Pak Hydrator Intense Treatment is my favourite out of the products I have been using. I can’t get over how instant the improvement is on damaged hair. As soon as it is applied the structure of the hair changes, from dry and damaged to incredibly smooth and softened. Even on really over processed hair that I have used it on the effect is great. For a hairdresser who deals with a lot of clients who colour their own hair, Hydrator is a godsend, it’s just incredible the transformations I have seen”.

‘All in all these three products are excellent, thank you for letting me try and review them. My clients are all impressed”.


Dawn was given K-Pak Reconstructing Shampoo, Conditioner  and Deep Penetrating Treatment, here’s her comments:

“The truth of it is, I am just not very good at looking after my hair. I try very hard and I do use good products as I get lots from Emil (he’s my brother) so I do as best as I can, but I just have that type of hair that’s always borderline damaged. Some of the products I have used before have been great, and I really like Joico Blonde Life. I have been using these three reconstructing products for about 2 months now and I have been very careful in how they have been applied, following the guidelines and what I was told to do. I wash my hair every other day and so I use the shampoo and conditioner each time and when shampooing I try not to tangle the hair up. I leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes and when I rinse it away I pat my hair dry gently. There is a definite improvement from cleansing my hair this way and I feel a difference from the products. The Deep Penetrating Treatment, I apply this once a week and leave it on for at least 30 minutes, This is something new to my routine but it’s something I will continue with. When I rinse the treatment away my hair feels  really conditioned and almost as if there are no chemicals in it, of which, I know there are a lot! The three products together are really good. I’ve asked Emil if I can be a regular reviewer of these three, I won’t tell you what his response was!”

Chris was given K-Pak Colour Therapy, I chose her specifically because I know what her hair has gone through chemically over the last couple of years. It’s very very long hair, and has been going through a gradual lightening process, so there is big build up of old colours. Here’s what she has to say:

“I felt like a guinea pig when Emil asked me to use these Joico products, especially seeing as how I was given 4 to use. My normal hair care routine is a shampoo, some conditioner and that’s it. It’s left to dry naturally and I very rarely use heat on it. But, over the last 18 months I have been growing colour out. I’m naturally more or less totally grey now but I used to be very dark and I’d kept that up with colours for years. My hairdresser has slowly lightened and brightened my old colour so that I now all I have are blonde toners applied to make the grey look softer and the result is almost the same from the roots to the ends. Hands up the color protecting shampoo and conditioner are gorgeous, really nice to use and my hair is more or less smooth when I rinse through, all it takes is a gentle brush through with my tangle teaser and I’m done! Luster Lock is the hero product. When I use this, the effect is transformative, the colour in my hair is refreshed and brightened and it looks really healthy. Of all the four products this would be my desert island must have! And, even though my hair is very long and thick, a small amount really is all that’s needed as it disperses through the hair very evenly. I am also very impressed with Luster Lock Multi Perfector. As I only wash my hair twice a week I have been using this, probably incorrectly, as an in between refresher. When I go to bed my hair is tied up to keep it out of the way, and on a morning. I simply spritz it through my hair and leave it to dry naturally. It defrizzes and smoothes my bed-head hair. All in all, I’m a convert and will endeavour to stick to this regal routine form now on”.


For more details of the entire Joico portfolio click here: AJC93



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