Nobody does Christmas like Balmain does Christmas

I’m very lucky, product companies furnish me with products galore and I get to try things and see things in advance of launch as well as share reviews of product ranges.

21st November 2019

Christmas always brings a plethora of goodies, and when Balmain Hair UK send a parcel, I know I’m going to be excited by what’s in store.

This year is no exception, in fact I’d go as far to say that the guys at Balmain have absolutely nailed the festive flavour this year.

When I unwrapped the box it genuinely felt like Christmas had arrived early, gift pack after gift pack presented themselves to me and I was blown away.

Let’s start with the advent calendar, with ten beautiful gifts behind the December doors, I can’t wait to open each one and see the luxurious goodies contained, what I’ll do with them after that, you will have to wait and see. It’s such an incredible gift idea and of all the luxurious advent calendars I’ve seen, it is by far the most stylish.


Candles, well what more can be said … Balmain candles, the absolute epitome of luxury, I’m looking forward to filling my home with the signature scent.

Balmain pouches are always in trend, last year’s large black pouch has been usurped by this year’s phenomenal silver version with Argan Elixir, Leave In Conditioning Spray and detangling brush, the moment I posted it on my social platforms people started (literally) begging for it.

Alongside the large pouch there’s also a small silver cosmetic bag as well, just as stylish and just a sin demand from my followers. The pouch has moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and a gorgeous silver pocket mirror.


The beautiful clear acetate clip with 14K gold plated B is decadent and delightful, it’s a luxurious stocking filler that any long haired style follower would covet.

3 silver combs that might have to be festive decorations before they get used as they are so so so stylish, and so very on trend this season. Everyone clamoured after the gold editions last year and this time the striking cool silver tone is just as iconic …. Who else but Balmain (seriously) could get away with gold and silver comb collections?

5 week enriching treatment has to be one of the coolest looking repair kits out there in the hairdressing world, packaged in the inimitable Balmain way, it oozes quality and style whilst suggesting the investment in 5 weeks of intense nourishment would be money very well spent.


Balmain Hair UK also very kindly sent me their latest bleach products to test, I am very much looking forward to reviewing them.


Check out the full portfolio of products and festive gifts at swoon at the absolutely stunning limited edition crystal barrettes created to celebrate 45 years of ‘couture hair’



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