Why your salon needs to stock a variety of products

My latest article for Salonnv magazine   I’m an avid shopper, be it online or in shops, I just really enjoy the experience of browsing products and (invariably) purchasing something. I am one of many shopaholics, and we all like to shop at every given opportunity. That’s something hairdressing…

6th March 2020

My latest article for Salonnv magazine


I’m an avid shopper, be it online or in shops, I just really enjoy the experience of browsing products and (invariably) purchasing something. I am one of many shopaholics, and we all like to shop at every given opportunity. That’s something hairdressing salons don’t seem to capitalise on. There are very few salons that I visit that have a genuine ‘shoppers paradise’ for their clients to leisurely shop in. There are a few, but mostly I see small retail areas usually carrying one or two brands from the same supplier.

Serious salon retailers know that their clients want to have a look at lots of different products and buy on impulse as well as the recommendations from their hairdresser. We also like to have products that have different price structures, something very affordable that we can buy on a whim, something mid-market that serves our every-day needs and something high-end that we can aspire to or buy when we are treating ourselves.

We also want variety, that’s why on-line platforms and superstores have vast collections of products to entice us.

So what can you do to change your retail area, to make it more appealing to a broader range of customers, something that lets clients feel comfortable shopping in your salon.


1: Look at stocking something new and exciting, some affordable products and some luxury items.

2: Open up your retail area wherever possible to make browsing feel like a natural experience for the client.

3: Price everything clearly, this helps the client when making choices about products.

4: Always have some products on ‘special offer’, supermarkets, chemists and on-line platforms always do!

5: Keep your shelves stocked up, this does increase your stock spend but guaranteed it will increase your retail sales as well.

6: Make sure you have a selection of equipment, brushes, combs, dryers etc as well, remember your clients use these products on their hair at home too.

7: Keep your retail space clean and tidy.

8: Provide information about the products you carry at the reception area and styling stations.

9: Have testers readily available, shoppers love to feel, play and smell products.

10: Share information and images of your products on all of your social platforms.


There are many brands salons can stock now, and the greater the selection the greater the results you will achieve. Alongside stalwarts from most large product suppliers there are also lots of exciting new products now available.

I’m very impressed with Schwarzkopf and how they are bringing a new dimension to mid-priced and high end haircare. A long established, giant in the world of haircare, Schwarzkopf still push forward with innovation and a serious commitment to professional haircare.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture is a definite if you are in need of a luxury range for your salon. Regular readers will know, I’m a huge fan! The product, packaging, marketing and gifts are …. quite simply, awesome!

Moroccanoil is a very aspirational brand that clients are definitely aware of and it has rapidly become one of those ubiquitous brands consumers look for. Watch out for some cool launches later this year.

Eleven Australia is another brand making waves (pun, as always, intended) with its cool packaging and brand ethos. Keep a close eye on this range, it’s definitely on the up throughout the UK.

As is Windle London a brand that captures the on trend vibe of the UK’s capital city. I like the individuality of the brands portfolio and it’s ever so cool design.

Joico, a long established brand that I have always admired that always gives fabulous results is creating a new vibe in professional haircare… check out their latest launches,

and the very cool My. Haircare continues to push forward with innovative collections. This brand, you may have seen it on Dragon’s Den, has grown significantly, check out the website to see how it has developed.

Also, check out id haircare, a brand that is creating a stir with their portfolio of brands. A relative newcomer to the UK marketplace, their portfolio is winning over hairdressers with a unique approach to colour and care.

Of course, upping the ante on your retail offering does require some investment, but every company is out there trying to secure more business, so it’s my guess that your product suppliers will help you in any way they possibly can to grow your retail sales.

Put the effort into your retail offering and your business will categorically benefit, because we shoppers will enjoy the experience of browsing and purchasing whilst in the salon.


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